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About Green plains Organic Fertilizer Company

Green plains for pilot projects LLC has aimed at independence within agriculture and land reclamation domain and sustainable development by producing various kinds of organic fertilizer Humic acid

considering plant requirements since 2018 Therefore, it founded Green plains organic

fertilizer company in Sur. This company will affect positively on region’s

environment and our goal is to prevent underground

water pollution by gradually disinfecting soil and reducing chemical poisons.


Today, key advantages of using organic matters in

increasing productivity and improving chemical fertilizers are well-known.

While most lands are mostly poor in organic materials, one way to provide them

for plants is using organic fertilizers. Consuming organic and chemical

fertilizers in the meantime is highly effective in boosting productivity and

reducing chemical fertilizer consumption. Organic matter’s deficiency and

alkaline soils lead to productivity reduction. Organic compounds are quite

vital in order to keep land teemed, improve soil’s biologic features, physical

structure, and hydraulic conductivity besides increasing absorption and

microorganism activities. Alkalinity could be removed by using acidic materials

such as Sulfur. This is an important step in soil reclamation; otherwise,

nutritive mineral absorption would be significantly decreased. By using organic

materials along with Sulfur, soil’s biologic activities will be improved and

Sulfuric oxidation will result in desirable conditions of soil.


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Humic Acid Powder

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