humic acid liquid

HUMICA is a soil stimulant and a transportation vehicle for carrying nutrients into plants. Once connected to

the humic acid molecule, nutrients are carried into a plant in available forms that help intensify the plant’s metabolism

and stimulate the soil’s natural activities.

HUMICA Liquid improves the efficiency in which plants utilize nutrients from the soil. In return, this enables a reduction

in the amount of fertilizer historically required to maintain optimal plant growth. Obviously, this provides enormous

economic and ecological value to growers wishing to reduce their fertilizer input costs and/or reduce the potential

side-effects of heavy chemical fertilizers usage.


  • Improved soil structure (aeration, water retention capacity).
  • Increase in the CEC.
  • Natural chelateant by avoiding the blockage of nutrients and facilitate their assimilation by plants.
  • Regulation of the pH of alkaline and acidic soils.
  • Stimulating the enzymatic activity of plants.
  • The development of microorganisms in the soil.

Components: (W/V)

Humic Acid : 12%

Organic Matter : 27%

Density : 1%

PH : 10%

Available weights:1L _ 5L _10L _ 20 L