humic acid powder

humic acid is a biologically active preparation, it can increase the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase the absorption and utilization of potassium by crops, and improve soil and promote crop growth.

It can improve the ability of crops to resist stress, improve crop quality, and protect agricultural ecological environment. In addition, potassium humate can also be used as a treatment agent for oil drilling fluids, mainly to prevent the collapse of the well wall.

Main properties: Potassium humate is a non-homogeneous aromatic hydroxy carboxylate with a black granule or powdery solid. It is a product of finely selected weathered coal and then extracted with KOH liquid. It is soluble in water. It is alkaline and contains active groups such as a carboxyl group and a phenolic hydroxyl group.

Main uses: Humic acid and its products have many uses. humic acid fertilizers combined with elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have the functions of increasing fertilizer efficiency, improving soil, stimulating crop growth, and improving the quality of agricultural products.


  • Improved soil structure (aeration, water retention capacity).
  • Increase in the CEC.
  • Natural chelateant by avoiding the blockage of nutrients and facilitate their assimilation by plants.
  • Regulation of the pH of alkaline and acidic soils.
  • Stimulating the enzymatic activity of plants.
  • The development of microorganisms in the soil.


Humic Acid : 60%

Fulvic Acid : 16.1%

K2O : 15.3%

PH : 10.1%

Solubility : 99.9%

Available weights: 500gr_1kg _5kg